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Fall 2023 Virtual Conference Sessions

Tuesday, Dec. 5th  

9am: WV State Update   

Presenter: Brian Weingart, WV Higher Education Policy Commission  

This session will provide updates on WV state level aid programs and how they may be impacted by FAFSA Simplification.  

Click here to download session recording


10am: WVASFAA Business Meeting (all attendees encouraged to attend)  

Conducted by: Consuela Phillips, 2023-24 WVASFAA President             

Official business meeting to discuss current activities of WVASFAA including an introduction of our business partners. 

Click here to download session recording   

Wednesday Dec. 6th  

10am: Top Ten Complex Issues in FAFSA Simplification You Might Have Missed  

Presenters: Leigh Ann Hussey, SASFAA President-Elect, University of West Georgia and Katie Conrad, SASFAA Vice President, Florida International University  

WVASFAA is honored to have two board members from the Southern Association of Financial Aid Administrators (SASFAA) presenting a session that will address some of the complex issues resulting from the FAFSA Simplification At. We are familiar with the change from EFC to SAI, but what about changes in asset reporting, child support received, determination of family size, provisional independent student, definition of a parent, changes to Pell Grant and the endless reasons for students to submit professional judgement in light of these changes. The presenters will walk through these complex issues and offer suggestions on how to prepare for these challenges.  

Click here to download session recording   

2pm: FAFSA Simplification Implementation and Compliance Panel  

Panelists:  Jacob Witt, Shepherd University, Susan George, WV Wesleyan College, Candi Frazier, West Virginia University, Mary Jones, Glenville State University 

The panelists will address questions on what they are considering when implementing FAFSA Simplification to remain in compliance.  Topics will include, how they are handling the removal of the housing and federal work study questions on the FAFSA, deadlines and anticipated packaging dates, handling of FTI information, FWS reporting, determination of housing costs, policy for determining emergency aid, etc, etc, etc…… 

Click here to download session recording 

Friday, Dec. 8th  

10am: Banner and FAFSA Simplification 

Presenter:  Dianne Sisler, WVNET 

Find out the latest information on Ellucian’s progress on releasing FAFSA Simplification information including the challenges institutions will face once the information is available. 

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Monday, Dec. 11th  

10am: Training and Outreach Panel  

Panelists:  Alicia Frey, WV Community and Technical College System, Nicholas Mihalsky, Fairmont State University, Brian Weingart, WV Higher Education Policy Commission, Kate Kim, West Virginia University, Janet Fike, WV Northern Community College 

Panelists will discuss their outreach plans for providing FAFSA Simplification information to students, parents and other interested parties. They will also discuss how they are training staff to keep up with the continual changing landscape. 

Click here to download session recording

Tuesday, Dec 12th  

9am: NASFAA Update  

Presenter:  Rachel Gentry Rotunda, Director of Government Relations, NASFAA  

NASFAA will provide an overview of the latest happenings in Washington, including a high-level landscape of the current political climate in D.C. with a focus on federal financial aid policy and how it has impacted students and institutions.  

Click here to download session recording

Wednesday, Dec 13th  

2pm: Professional Judgement and Verification Panel  

Panelists:  David Shoemaker, West Virginia University, JoAnn Ross, Western Michigan University, Mary Blizzard, Mountwest, Eastern and Bridge Valley 

The panelists will take a deep dive in their plans on the new verification requirements including the treatment of foreign income exclusions for max Pell Grant students, protection of FTI (controlled unclassified information), acceptable documentation for IASG and CFH Pell Grant eligibility, and much, much more.  Additional discussion will include the identification and processing of special and unusual circumstances. 

Click here to download session recording

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